BINGO ~ Rules for Playing (賓果遊戲規則)

(For any Number of Players)


One player is chosen to act as "Banker" of the game.He does not play, his part in the game being to draw and call the number counters.

The "Banker" shuffles the Bingo cards and places them face down on the table. He then allows each player to draw a card. The covering counters are divided evenly among the players. These are used to cover the numbers as called.

The "Banker" places before him the Bingo number sheet which gives the complete list of numbers, and as he calls the numbers he places them over the corresponding number on this sheet.

The number counters should be placed in a deep box or paper bag so that the numbers cannot be seen.The players place their Bingo card face up in front of them. To begin, each player places a counter on the "Free" space in the center of his card.




The "Banker" now draws a numbered counter blindly from the container, and calls it aloud and places it face up on the number sheet. Suppose he calls "N 36" The Player having a card with the number "N 36" in his third row under "N", calls it places one of his covering counters over the number, If no player has a card bearing the number called, it is simply placed on the number sheet along with the others.

The game proceeds in this way with the "Banker" calling the numbers and the players covering when their numbers are called until a player covering five numbers in a row, when he calls "Bingo!" and the game stops. 



The player may have five numbers in a row, horizontally, vertically of diagonally. After the player calls "Bingo," he reads back the five numbers in his row, and they are checked by the "Banker" who notes if they are on his number sheet. The "Banker" then adds the numbers covered in the winning row, and enters the total as the score for the winning on a score sheet.

A game may be for 1,000 points, or may be played by hands, the player having the highest score at the end of an agreednumber of hands being the winner.





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